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What's all the fuss about?

To answer more of your investment questions, I’ve decided to transform Meanwhile in Markets into a bi-weekly newsletter. It comes with a little fee (and money-back guarantee)… which is the only way to produce that much in-depth content as an independent publication, free of ad-influenced financial advice. (More on that below.)

Here are all the details.

What’s changing?

Instead of one, you’ll be getting two newsletters every week that will: a) keep you up to date with the markets, and b) teach you something new about investing without overwhelming you with jargon and boatloads of information.

📅 Every Thursday-Friday

A deep dive into...

  • the most important (often complex) trends shaping the markets,
  • budding stocks and sectors that are turning the heads of institutional investors,
  • bear-and-bull cases for investments that directly or indirectly affect your portfolio (e.g., are big tech’s best days behind it?)
  • discussions that will address both sides of the debate on the most meaningful topics for your portfolio—that is, those that don’t have easy, equivocal answers (e.g., are we in for inflation?)
  • latest investing insights and lessons from the world’s smartest investors and how you can apply those as an individual investor,
  • advanced theory and financial concepts relevant for building a better portfolio and making more informed investment decisions right here and now,
  • and much more.

As usual, explained in a jargon-free, straightforward human language, humbly opinionated, and backed by a ton of data from internal Wall Street reports and analysis by the most credible subject matter experts.

📅 Every Sunday

A quick, Morning Brew-style run-through of what’s shaping up in the markets.

In just 5 min per week, you’ll stay on top of:

  • The most important news and developments in the markets that actually matter to your portfolio
  • the most noteworthy insights and data from the internal research of JPMorgan, UBS, Morgan Stanley, and other Wall Street banks—the same ones institutional investors use to make their investment decisions
  • and which market corners investors are moving their money to.

Each insight will come with a little context, a human explanation of what’s going on, why it matters to you, and what you can do about it—and which will require little to no extra Googling on your part.


Interviews with top hedge fund managers, portfolio managers, and the management of public companies to get inside scoops from various horses’ mouths.

🕹️ New Features

  • Website—from now on, you can read MIM via email or on this new, snazzy website
  • Comments (very soon!), which will let us start a conversation as a community and learn from each other

And keep in mind, that’s just the first, although big, step in the Meanwhile in Markets journey. New content formats, features, and community events will come as we grow. You have my word on that.


(The subscription comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee)

It was free... why do I have to pay for it now?

It's my full-time thing now.

As my day job, it has to bring food to the table. Lots of food. Have you seen my Swiss shepherd? He’s growing into a giant white fluff with the appetite of a polar bear.

Okay, kidding. I’d love to keep MIM free, but I have to earn a living just like anyone else. And the paid membership is the only business model that will allow Meanwhile in Markets to keep its independent voice and remain an ad-free publication.

If I were to keep it free, I’d have to bring in advertisers—often the kind that wants to sell you on a particular fund, broker, or get-rich-quick type of scheme. Exactly what I most want MIM not to be.

My incentives would necessarily change and I would be diverted from my mission which is to empower individual investors to become their own money managers. There's no way around it.

That said, to stay true to this cause, I’ve set the price as low as I possibly can so that every single one of you can join no matter your income or portfolio size. And with a 14-day money-back guarantee, you can try out the new MIM completely risk-free!

But I’m relatively new here. Why should I trust you?

I'm going to say something most financial writers don't have the balls to say.

I don't know a lot of things. Just like you, I wake up every day, ask more questions, and learn new things to make sense of the markets. And as much as that hurts my ego, I’m very upfront about that.

If I don’t know something, I’ll tell you that. And instead of guessing, I’ll turn to the people I’m fortunate enough to be in touch with who do know something—and share what I learn with you.

That means you won’t be building your perspective, and worse, investment decisions on the fake or ill-informed conviction of some “guru.” Instead, you’ll get an honest, balanced explanation backed by a ton of institutional data and insider expertise.

And you don’t have to take my word for it. I’ve heard people are saying some nice things about my analysis:

Even those whom I look up to:

"Dan is a talented analyst, forward thinker, and excellent storyteller. And I'm a fan of Meanwhile in Markets!"

Kevin O'Leary, billionaire investor, TV celebrity, and "Shark Tank" star

"Dan is an exceptional storyteller..."

John Mauldin, New York Times best-selling economist

"Dan has it spot on!"

Bob Lord, former CEO of AOL, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Ecosystems and Blockchain at IBM

How do I subscribe to the new Meanwhile in Markets? And what is the charter membership?

This is a limited-time deal that comes with special perks available only to you MIMs who have supported me in this journey all along. This exclusive membership will give you:

  • 30% off the original price—forever. That is, your cost will be $9.95/month (with an annual subscription) instead of $14.95.
  • Voting rights for questions when I bring guests, such as portfolio managers or the management of public companies

The offer is available until 23 June. After that, I’ll lift up the price and open the subscription to the public.

So, if this newsletter has ever made you go “hmm…” and helped you see the markets with a little more clarity, spare yourself a few lattes and subscribe below—because it’s going to be, at the very least, 2X more enlightening starting today.


(The subscription comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee)

Are you discontinuing the free version of Meanwhile in Markets?

There won't be weekly newsletters anymore, but I may occasionally share a tiny bit of the stuff we’ll talk about in this new Meanwhile in Markets.

Still, the most important and actionable advice will be reserved for the members on the premium plan. That seems only fair to those of you who’ve chosen to support me.

Now, I understand not everyone will take this next step with me, so I’d like to take a final moment to thank you all for reading and supporting me.

It's been a blast writing Meanwhile in Markets, but I have to admit, I’ve had a fair share of down moments, too. And the countless encouraging emails I’ve gotten from you have been by far the biggest driving force that helped me make it through.

I’m hoping you’ll continue to come along for this new chapter. If you decide not to, allow me to express my hope that you’ve been able to take away something from Meanwhile in Markets that will help you see the market with a little more clarity.

See you on the other side. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at: