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I'm Dan Runkevicius, the guy behind Meanwhile in Markets.

For most of the past decade, I’ve been an editor and strategist for some of the world’s most acclaimed economists, Wall Street traders, and hedge fund managers. I’ve been incredibly lucky to work with people like:

  • John Mauldin, renowned economist and New York Times best-selling author
  • Jared Dillian, former ETF head of Lehman Brothers (who was trading more than a billion in ETFs and is now one of Wall Street’s most distinctive voices)
  • George Friedman, New York Times best-selling geopolitics expert
  • And many hedge fund managers.

Think of my role as a middleman between Wall Street and the media/social media.

During that time, I ran nearly a thousand articles on top-tier news sites like Bloomberg, Business Insider, Marketwatch, Forbes, and Yahoo Finance. Our stories drew tens of millions of eyeballs, made breaking news, and… I’m pretty sure …even moved some stocks.

But I have to admit, most of the stuff that made it to the media was of little value to investors.

I’ve seen firsthand how the opinions and knowledge of these masterminds shoot across the internet… and morph into exaggerated feature stories, out-of-context quotes, one-sided sound bites and other form of misinformation.

In other words, most of the financial media is like one big Chinese Whispers game. And 99% of the other places where individual investors look for investment advice are a terrible place to look for investment advice.

So I founded Meanwhile in Markets as an alternative that can give individual investors the most balanced, clickbait-free explanation of complex forces that are driving the markets—and most important, put it all in a "human" language anyone can understand.

Here's what people saying about my analysis:

Including those whom I admire and look up to myself...

"Dan is a talented analyst, forward thinker, and excellent storyteller. And I'm a fan of Meanwhile in Markets!"

Kevin O'Leary, billionaire investor, TV celebrity, and "Shark Tank" star

"Dan is an exceptional storyteller..."

John Mauldin, New York Times best-selling economist

"Dan has it spot on!"

Bob Lord, former CEO of AOL, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Ecosystems and Blockchain at IBM

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Dan Runkevicius